Bulk Book Sales

What are bulk sales?

Bulk sales are orders for 5 or more of a single item. Boibili.com will accommodate schools, bookstores, faculty, or other organizations that need large quantities of a particular item. Please send your request and contact information to admin@boibili.com with “Bulk Sales Inquiry” in the subject line. We will reply to your request within 1 business day. Depending on your request, we may be able to arrange favorable discounts or payment terms for you or your organization.

Shipping Information

The time it takes your order to ship differs from regular orders and depends on the specifics of your bulk order. Please contact our Bulk Sales department for a shipping estimate, as shipping terms are different for each order. Shipping charges are much lower for bulk orders than they would be if you ordered as many items via the website. All bulk sales must be sent to a single destination address. Boibili.com does not support drop shipping (ordering many items and having them sent to differing destination addresses). Drop shipped orders are not eligible to be returned.

Purchase Orders

If your organization requires the use of a purchase order, Boibili.com can accommodate you. Please contact our Bulk Sales Department for more information.

Return Policy

Bulk orders are not eligible for returns. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to make sure you are ordering the correct items and the correct quantities before placing your order. If you need to return items due to our error, please contact our customer care department.


Book Conditions And Alternate Versions

What are book conditions?

Boibili.com and the sellers in the Boibili.com Marketplace sell both New and Used textbooks. Used textbooks may contain highlighting or other signs of wear. CDs, access codes, and other supplements may not be included with used books. Although nearly all of our new textbooks contain the appropriate CDs, access codes, and other supplements, any textbook which may not contain any or all of these items is still considered to be in “new” condition due to the physical condition of the textbook. The new condition status is not related to nor evidenced by prior ownership of a textbook. It is possible for a textbook to have been previously owned, but still be in new condition.

What are other editions/alternate versions?

  • International Editions

International Editions and Low Price Editions are textbooks manufactured by publishers for sale in other countries. Since these books are originally manufactured for markets in other countries, they cost significantly less than U.S. student editions. Often these foreign versions are paperback and may not contain all of the same supplementary materials (i.e., CDs, access codes, etc.) as their U.S. counterpart.

  • Instructor/Annotated Editions

Boibili.com also offers instructor review and annotated edition textbooks for sale. These books are identical in content to the student edition but may have additional publisher markings on them stating “Instructor’s Edition” or similar verbiage. Often these may not contain all of the same supplementary materials (i.e., CDs, access codes, etc.) as their U.S. Student Edition counterpart.

Boibili.com makes no claim, implicit or otherwise, that said editions are identical to the U.S. student edition. ISBNs, cover art, binding, content, and paper quality may differ from the U.S. student edition. In the event that there are differences between said editions and the U.S. student edition, Boibili.com makes every effort to inform the customer.

How To Buy Books

How to search for books

From the home page you may search for books by the ISBN (International Standard Book Number – a 10 or 13 digit number normally found on the back of a textbook above the barcode), author, title, keyword, or by subject. Make sure to always verify the author, title, edition, and ISBN of the textbook you find to ensure it is the correct version.

Placing an order

  1. Once you’ve found your book, click the “Add to Cart” button.
  2. Enter your shipping destination zip code to calculate shipping charges.
  3. Select your shipping method (Please note that USPS Ground, although economically priced, can sometimes be unpredictable due to a host of factors uncontrollable by Boibili.com. If you need a timely delivery of your textbook, you should consider upgrading to a more reliable service method).
  4. You may continue shopping for more textbooks or proceed to checkout.
  5. Review our Warranty & Returns information. Select “I agree” and click “continue” to proceed.
  6. Enter your payment information and click “Submit Order.”


Product Listings

Boibili.com product descriptions are not designed or intended to replace your personal product knowledge, experience, and/or research.

Boibili.com strives to be as accurate as possible in our product descriptions, information content, pricing, links, and any other product information contained in or referenced on our site. However, occasional human error may occur and we therefore cannot guarantee that all product descriptions, specifications, pricing, or any other content on the site is entirely accurate, complete, current, or that we are responsible for these errors. In the event that a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical, informational, technical, or any other error, Boibili.com at its sole discretion shall have the right to refuse or cancel any order for that product and immediately amend, correct, or remove the inaccurate information. Moreover, all links on Boibili.com are intended only to provide visitors with assistance finding additional information and professional opinion. Please remember to consider, you, our valued patron, are ultimately responsible for any purchase decision.

Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Boibili.com Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a convenient venue to connect potential buyers and potential sellers in a secure environment. Boibili.com is committed to creating a safe and reputable marketplace for customers to do business and will not tolerate fraud or malicious intent.

How do I know I can trust marketplace sellers?

Boibili.com works hard to find the most reliable and experienced sellers available to provide you with the best service. Should you have any problems, we have established our Trusty Guarantee. If you encounter any unpleasant experience with a seller, please let us know by filing a Trusty Guarantee right away.

What should I do if I am not receiving a timely response from the seller I’m trying to contact?

If you are have having difficulties with one of our sellers, please contact our customer care department.

What shipping options are available for marketplace orders?

All marketplace sellers offer a standard shipping rate of Tk. 30per book. Select sellers also offer expedited services at a rate of Tk. per book. Overnight and express shipments are not currently offered on our marketplace and only apply to orders directly fulfilled by Boibili.com.

What is the Marketplace Return Policy?

All marketplace sellers are required to accept returns for up to 7 days from delivery. Additional return periods beyond the initial 14 days are at the sole discretion of each seller. Boibili.com strongly recommends that all buyers read a seller’s return policy when deciding whether to purchase a book.

How do I find a seller’s return policy?

After you select a textbook offered by a marketplace seller, click on the seller’s name to go to the feedback and customer information page. The return policy is listed under “Refund policy & Customer Service information.”

What if no return policy is listed?

If no return policy is listed, each marketplace seller is still required to accept returns for up to 14 days from delivery. Buyers with questions about returns should consider contacting the seller prior to ordering.



How do I return a book I ordered from the marketplace?

All requests to return textbooks must be sent directly to the marketplace seller that fulfills the order. Please note that some return locations may be located outside of the U.S. and that you (the buyer) may be responsible for return shipping charges.

Where can I find information about selling on the marketplace?

More information about the marketplace is located on our Marketplace Seller FAQ.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my marketplace order (i.e., tracking or other information)?

Contact the marketplace seller that sold you the specific item you have questions about. Please allow 24 – 72 business hours for a response.

How do I cancel my marketplace order or provide shipping address updates?

You must contact the marketplace seller who shipped the item regarding any cancellation or address change requests


Your satisfaction is our number one priority

If an item you ordered from Boibili.com does not meet your expectations due to an error on our part, simply return it by mail within 7 days of receiving it for a full refund of item cost.

Yes, it’s that simple!

We know that having the correct textbook is essential to success, so we try to help you get exactly what you need: If an order needs to be returned for any reason, e-mail us within 7 days of delivery for a full refund of item cost.


Please note that all returns must be received in the condition they were sold or the refund amount will be adjusted. Therefore, we strongly suggest you review our packing guidelines to ensure the safe delivery of your textbooks. All software must be returned unopened. Software that is received opened will not be accepted and will be returned to sender at the sender’s expense.

Shipping, handling, and restocking fees

Shipping, handling, and restocking fees for all returns are the responsibility of the buyer except in cases of defect or inaccurate fulfillment.